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Acquisition Strategies for Public and Private Sectors

At Agile Acquisitions, LLC, we offer consulting services to help streamline the procurement process for organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Agile Acquisitions

Hacking Procurement

Agile Acquisitions, LLC is a company built on real-world experience in acquisition innovation and culture change. We believe innovation is rooted in three basic principles:

A belief that everything can or should be done differently.

A deep understanding of the rules, regulations, and policies that govern the thing that needs to change.

Responsible risk-taking

procurement consulting

Following these principles, we help agencies change their acquisitions to be faster, cheaper, and deliver real results to end users. With over two decades of experience in leading federal acquisitions, we help companies navigate the complexities of Government acquisitions and take advantage of rules and regulations that are intended to help innovative companies be successful in what may otherwise seem like an impenetrable marketplace. 

consulting services

Consulting Services

Agile Acquisition Coaching helps agencies improve their acquisition processes. Our experienced consultants provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of the acquisition, from developing a product vision to the final award. We help you develop the strategies and tools necessary to modernize your acquisitions and improve delivery.

government contracting

Agile Acquisitions Vlogs

Our Vlog

Our Vlog is a great resource for acquiring valuable insights into acquisitions, culture change, and innovation. We provide thought-provoking perspectives, giving readers the opportunity to explore the latest trends in the industry. Our blog also offers practical advice for making a successful transition to modern acquisitions, drive culture change, and foster a culture of innovation.

agile acquisitions government contracting


Our Resource Page offers a wide variety of valuable resources, tools, templates, and field guides that are time-saving and informative. These resources are designed to help you quickly find the answers to your questions. With our Resource Page, you can get the information you need to make informed decisions and improve your acquisitions.

Exclusive Acquisition Resources


Our Blog

public and private sector acquisition

In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, the U.S. federal government is facing significant challenges in its information technology (IT) procurement processes.

Acquisition strategies

Today, I’d like to shed light on the distinction between a Statement of Objectives (SOO) and a Statement of Work (SOW) in the context of government procurement. 

acquisition services

How much of a FAR nerd am I? I wrote my MBA thesis on FAR 37.6, Performance-Based Acquisitions (PBA) in 2006 before I had ever heard of Agile.

government acquisitions

Contact Us

We love talking Government Acquisitions. Feel free to reach out to us so we can share ideas!

Jonathan Mostowski


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